While it would be fair to say that I no longer have standing to object to rules about who can be a Catholic priest nor what they are required to do/not do. Still, logical inconsistencies can be spotted by any observer. Today, a celibate priesthood is a venerable 900 year old tradition, but once it was a political convenience on the part of a powerful institution.

We can reason all we want with after the fact justifications, but in the end it comes back to why were priests forbidden from marrying in the first place. When priests had children those children would inherit land and other property. With a stronger conceptual basis for groups having an existence outside of the individuals we are now able to have property held by organizations rather than by a person.

Regardless of the reasoning, for me personally the requirement of celibacy was a significant stumbling block keeping me from considering being a Catholic priest. While I feel called to ministry, I do not feel called to be alone for the rest of my life. There are other considerations that keep me from being a Catholic priest, but the fact that Catholic priests are forbidden to marry is high on my list.